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Orsen Shield

Orsen Shield is constructed from advanced polymer materials which make it tough and durable. In addition, its fasteners are strategically located to stretch the plate, thus according it a hardness which can withstand an impact of 2 tons.This ensures optimal protection of the car's undercarriage from potentially traumatic impact.

Technical Specifications

Orsen Shield combines innovations in German and Japanese technologies in the Auto industry - producing a skid plate which is light, yet tough and durable.

Materials Description

ORSEN Shield is constructed using Acetal Resin, a special material with the following qualities:

  • High strength, stiffness, and toughness
  • High fatigue and wear resistance
  • High chemical resistance and melting point
  • Good frictional properties
  • Low moisture absorption

Orsen Shield
Orsen Shield's Protection Skid Plate
Material Acetal Resin - Polymer Alloy Steel
Craft Shaped by U.S.A WDT Technology under high temperature
Colour Black
Weight Max 2.5 ~ 3.5kg (5mm thick)
Thickness 5mm
Operating Temperature -35°c to +130°c
Driver and Passenger Safety In high speed collisions, Orsen Shield Under Armour will give way, allowing the engine to sink automatically, thus avoiding injuries to the driver and passengers.
Installation Cheese Head Screw


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