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How do I choose the right Orsen Shield for my vehicle?
What material is Orsen Shield made of?
Why is the material not of steel?
How frequently do I need to replace the Orsen Shield installed in my car?
Do I have to remove the Orsen Shield during servicing?
Is installation difficult?
If I fitted wrongly, will it cause any damage to the vehicle?
Why is there a saving in fuel consumption?
Are there any other benefits apart from physical protection of the car and its occupants, and the savings in fuel consumption?
Is Orsen Shield suitable for any vehicle?
Is Orsen Shield a one size fit-all skid plate?
Will Orsen Shield cause overheating to my vehicle if I am caught in a traffic jam?
Why do I need Orsen Shield when I do not have one currently and yet my vehicle is functioning well?
How can I purchase an Orsen Shield skid plate?
What is the warranty?
Can I become a dealer?
How long will it take to get my Orsen Shield upon ordering?
What are the available colors for the Orsen Shield skid plate?


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