Orsen Shield

Orsen Shield

Orsen Shield is our leading brand of Skid Plates which uses proprietary and innovative technology to protect your vehicle and its engine from damage by trauma to the undercarriage.

Furthermore, by enhancing the aerodynamic and insulating properties of your car, Orsen Shield Under Armour improves its fuel consumption and lowers the noise coming into the cabin.

What is an Auto Skid Plate?

An auto skid plate, also referred to as a sump guard, is a plate typically made of steel that attaches to a vehicle's undercarriage. The plates are typically found on off-road vehicles with four-wheel drive. Skid plates are also used for sports cars whose chassis are intentionally dropped closer to the ground for greater control and speed. Skid plates are often standard in off-road packages for SUV's and trucks, such as the Toyota TRD and Ford FX4. However, they are also available as after-market off-road package upgrades for other vehicles, and can be installed at most auto-workshops.

Orsen Shield assures that a car will be better protected and maintained, will deliver better fuel economy and performance, and will provide greater comfort.

Better Protection

A car may experience damage to its undercarriage due to hazards and rough terrain including protruding rocks and tree roots, speed bumps, parking dividers and potholes. Orsen Shield Under Armour skid plates are designed to protect the integral components in the can's undercarriage.

Orsen Shield

Without the skid plates, the car's engine, gas tank and oil pans are vulnerable and can be easily damaged. Indeed, in severe cases where objects penetrate through the undercarriage, the driver and passengers may even be badly hurt.

Better Maintenance

Orsen Shield also contributes to better maintenance and upkeep of a vehicle. As it is closest to the ground, the undercarriage of a car is very susceptible to corrosion. Dirt, mud, water, stone, salt and sand frequently get kicked up by the car's wheels onto the undercarriage. Moreover, the chemicals used on roads to ensure their upkeep are very corrosive. The accumulation of such chemicals, grime and dirt on the undercarriage all contribute to the speeding up of its rusting and the breaking down of rubber components.

In addition, salt and grime in the engine bay can clog up the car's air filter. This will negatively affect the performance of the engine and very importantly, will lead to poorer fuel economy.

Orsen Shield skid plates effectively blocks the accumulation of dirt, grime and chemicals on vital components in the undercarriage of the car by acting as a shield. This will not only extend the life of the vehicle and its parts, but also greatly improve its performance.

Better Performance

Race car engineers know that to enhance the speed and performance of a car, they will have to improve its aerodynamics. Orsen Shield skid plate does exactly this. By improving air flow, the plate reduces drag, friction and undercarriage turbulence.Orsen Shield for improved performance

This enhances the car's forward movement and therefore, its fuel efficiency.

The skid plate's sealing property also improves the performance of the car's spring, absorber and balancing systems. This provides greater stability to the car, thus reducing the tendency to over or under steer, and of swaying during cornering.

Better Comfort

Orsen Shield has been specifically designed to improve the flow of air below and through the undercarriage of the ear. The resultant reduction in turbulence greatly minimizes vibration. This, along with the sealing properties of Orsen Shield's skid plate, insulates the cabin from noise from the rolling wheels - providing a quieter and more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

Ready-to-Install skid plates are available for most car makes and models
Orsen Shield Parts
  1. Original screw holes
  2. Air Outlet
  3. Oil box hole cover
  4. Oil filter hole cover
  5. Universal plastic screws
  6. Gearbox hole cover
  7. Air inlet
Orsen Skid Plate for Toyota Camry (example)

Alphard Acord 2.0/2.4 Teana 09 Gen2 Passat OC
Camry Civic FB/FD Grand Livina Personal Golf GTI
Estima City 1.5 Sylphy Waja Jetta
ACR 30/50 CRV Latio Inspira Polo
Vellfire Odyssey X-Trail Touran
Harrier Amera
Rav 4

Sonata 10 Lancer EX K5 Q5
Tucson Lancer K2 A 4L
Accent ASR A 6L

Myvi 308 Swift Focus
Alza 307 SX4 Fiesta


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